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Zoot Shoe Mens Kiawe 11.5

Zoot Shoe Mens Kiawe 11.5

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Developed in conjunction with ITU world champion Javier Gomez and Ironman Canada champion Jordan Rapp, for the athlete who demands performance fit and performance feel on race day. 

Running is an innate human endeavor. Watch a great runner in motion and this becomes clearly evident. Two-time ITU World Champion, Javier Gomez, is a natural-born runner, which is why we knew he was the right athlete to help design our new flagship shoe, the Kiawe. Clean. Light. Fast. Guided by Zoot's unwavering mission to make running as unencumbered as possible.

There are plenty of challenges to overcome when training and racing. Forefoot fatigue shouldn't be one of them. Our CarbonSpan+ shank provides tunable control for maximum power during toe-off and effortless forward momentum.

Designing a shoe from the foot out - it's a common-sense approach that yields uncommon results. Our BareFit technology eliminates the need for a sock by wrapping the foot in a silky smooth, perfectly seamless liner. The result is a light, clean shoe that combines exceptional internal feel with marathon-distance comfort.

  • CarbonSpan+ to guide your foot through toe-off
  • Barefit to provide the best fit in triathlon
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