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Speedo Swimming Power Paddle

Speedo Swimming Power Paddle

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Get more from your training with our Biofuse Hand Paddles. Designed to increase the surface area of the water you catch, the hand paddles create water resistance, forcing your upper body to work harder for improved speed, muscle strength and endurance. A go-to for technique sessions, they encourage high elbows and correct hand entry into the water, improving your stroke efficiency so you conserve energy and can swim further.


  • Speedo Biofuse technology for maximum comfort and fit
  • Increase distance per stroke - Power paddles encourage high elbows and proper hand entry into the water, making stroke technique more efficient. This conserves energy which is crucial for long distance swimming.
  • Upper body strength - Power paddles increase the surface area of the water you catch, which increases resistance, improving your strength and endurance.

Product Specifications

Polypropylene/ Silicone
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