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Goggles Futura Biofuse Flexi Triathlon Female

Goggles Futura Biofuse Flexi Triathlon Female

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Introducing the new Futura Biofuse® Flexiseal. Since Speedo launched the Futura Biofuse® goggles in 2007 it’s been our most successful goggle range, with more people wearing our No.1 goggle than any other. Crafted for comfort and performance, with improvements to the seals, frames, anti-fog lenses and with more colour variations, they are sure to be the No.1 goggle choice for all swimmers.


Lens: Cellulose Proprionate
Seal: SEBS
Frame: Polycarbonate
Strap : Silicone


  • Futura Biofuse upgrade with dual shot.
  • Ultra Flex Seal with the dual injection on frame/gasket.
  • Polarised lens.


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