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Bike Fit (product available in store only)

Bike Fit (product available in store only)

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With over 20 year of racing experience Damian does bike fitting a little different to other stores.

The video will give you some idea of the process but as a team we listen to how you feel and work with you to ensure the best possible fit for you.

With six weeks grace period, (from date of final fit) for adjustments you can be sure that you will enjoy riding your bike.

After purchasing your bike fit please call and book in for your two sessions.

The first visit will take 30 mins.  After we work through the results and discuss what we are going to do to your bike, you then go on your way and leave your bike with us for adjustment and fitting. Time will vary due to work required. Parts and accessories are not included in this cost.

We then get you back in store for a ride on your newly fitted bike using our Wahoo Kickr. This enables us to check the geometry of the fit as well as do individualised adjustments for your comfort.

Ask our customers:

"Finally I have found someone that gives awesome service. I had Damian do a bike fit and all the extra advice he gave me was fantastic. Things are so much better on my bike. Thanks Damian.
Both Damian and Michelle made me feel like we have known each other for years. That's real customer service.

Thanks" Mark 

"Absolutely fantastic service! Understood my issues and went above and beyond to get me sorted on my bike." Bronwyn

Riding your bike should not be painful so if you are experiencing issues come on in and we can help you out.

Style of bike or riding doesn't matter, we take care of all bike riders. 

Before you purchase a bike (any brand) be sure to get a bike fit. Bikes are not a standard size and what fits you in one brand or style will often be totally different in another brand or style.

Let us help you get out there riding.

Qualified Bike Mechanic and Bike Fit Expert Damian is available to help you get out there and smiling again.




Static Fitting


Translate body dimensions to your riding position


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Ironman Triathlete

Thank you for supporting our small family business.

We are a Brisbane based store with over ten years experience in the bike business.

We do things differently to other bike shops.