Collection: Garneau

At its core, Garneau encourages healthy, happy lives and seeks to inspire people to achieve their personal goals whatever those may be. Our products are designed to ensure fit, durability, performance, and comfort across the production techniques, choice of materials, and special features.
Across our line, you'll find items that can span your use as a rider, whether you are a roadie, mountain biker, cross racer, Fat Biker, spinning enthusiast, triathlete or a mix of everything (like so many of us are). While products are so often pigeon-holed, we know that you, the rider, aren't a one-note type of athlete. In honor of this, we seek to give you cycling products that have cross-functionality and multi-use applications. This is how we ride and we know that you do too!
Our slogan, “Live Your Dream.”, showcases our commitment to accompanying the rider in his or her pursuit of these goals, no matter the size.