Michelle goes to the Dark Side

Michelle goes to the Dark Side

Let's talk about E Bikes!

Yep, I have gone over to the Dark Side and got myself a pedal assist bike.

I won't go into the technical details because it's not really my thing but here's a couple of short facts that I have learnt.

E Bikes are pedal assist bikes, this means that for the motor to work you need to be pedalling. I got the Allant+ 7 Low Step which retails for $5999.99 (limited stock). After three years of no cycling, at all, I thought I would get back into the game with a bike for riding to and from work. This one has a motor which works up to 20 kph so once I hit that speed the motor cuts out. For people who like technical details it is a powerful Bosch Performance Line CX 250 W drive system.

It's heavier than a road bike, which is to be expected, as it has a Bosch motor and a battery, which is hidden inside the frame. You don't notice the weight once you start riding, which surprised me. To remove the battery for security and recharging purposes you use a key and pop the battery out of the panel in the side of the bike frame. Using the Bosch recharger supplied, you put the battery on charge. It will turn itself off once it is fully charged and this is indicated by the green lights on the side of the battery. As with all recharging outlets please ensure that you turn off and unplug the unit as soon as the charging is complete.

Riding the bike is peaceful. You can't hear the motor and I find it hard to know when it is cutting in and out. It has an easy to use control on the left side of the handlebars and this makes it uncomplicated to skip through the different levels of power. The compact computer also gives you your battery status, speed and distance.

You can set the bike on Eco, Tour, Sport or Turbo and can switch between those settings as needed, during your ride. I use Turbo to get up the hills and Eco for most parts of my ride. There is also a setting called Walk Assist which you can use when you need to walk the bike.

Despite what people may say it is still quite a work out when you ride this type of bike. This model has nine gears which are located on the right side of the handlebars and is straightforward to use, once you get use to it. I have only ever ridden bmx and road bikes, so a flat bar has been a new experience for me.

This particular model has suspension for a smoother ride and can be adjusted for rough or smooth roads. I have used the bike on bike paths and on the road and find the handling effortless. The balance of the bike makes riding trouble free.

This bike is an uncomplicated, more relaxed ride than a road bike. It's a great bike to ride to and from work and I have installed a bag onto the rear rack which means I can carry my possessions comfortably. I don't notice the bag on the back of the bike when I am riding. The bike comes with lights as well as mud guards and a bike stand.

While I have used the Turbo setting to get up hills, (about the only time I will ever beat Damian while riding) on average, it is not much faster than me riding a road bike according to my Strava stats. I look forward to exploring more of the city on all the great bike paths available here in Brisbane.

There are different options available depending on your budget and requirements. Frame styles include road bike, a funky beach bike and hybrid bikes as well as a touring bike with a very large rear rack.

For further information about the different styles and technical details head to https://www.trekbikes.com/au/en_AU/

E Bikes are fun and built for exploring. They are comfortable and a great way to get to and from work, as well as to explore your surrounding bike paths without the effort of a regular bike. Meet with friends, head to the beach or take a scenic tour through the city.

With effortless riding you can truly enjoy a casual trip without the hassle.

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