How do I care for Disc Brakes?

How do I care for Disc Brakes?

Disc brakes are a fabulous invention.

Safer, easier to use and they handle wet conditions perfectly.

A common issue that people have with their disc brakes is the high pitched squealing when the brakes are applied.

Some reasons your disc brakes aren't working properly may include;

  • Your bike needs a clean.
  • The rotor has come in contact with oil, grease, brake fluid or grime. Depending on where you keep your bike it may have also come into contact with household sprays.
  • Your brake pads or rotor are beginning to wear out.
  • Cleaning products have been sprayed onto your brake area.
  • Your disc brakes were not burnt in properly when they were installed.

Ways to care for your disc brakes

  1. Cleaning your bike regularly prevents dirt damaging your bike bits. It also helps your parts last longer. Don't forget to lube your chain after you clean it. 
  2. Do not touch the rotor. Rotors do not like oil, grease, brake fluid or grime. Be aware of spraying household chemicals near your bike.
  3. Sometimes the brake pads or rotors are worn out and need replacing. Regular bike servicing will keep you informed of your bikes maintenance needs. When we service your bike we will let you know what may need replacing at your next service. 
  4. When we wash your bike we remove the brake pads so that we don't put bike wash on them. You don't have to do that. If you keep the hose spraying downwards and avoid putting soapy water or polish in the general brake area.
  5. When you buy your bike from a bike store part of the process of putting the bike together includes burning the brakes in. That's where your brake pads are activated repeatedly so that they create friction. This process transfer some of the brake pad material to the rotor which allows them to 'mate' better and reduces the possibility of noise inducing vibrations.

    What can you do if your brakes are squealing?

    Wash your bike remembering to avoid getting bike wash or polish on the brake area.

    We are happy to check your brake pads and rotor to see if they need to be replaced. Wear and tear is normal when you own a bike and just like your car, regular maintenance helps you ride longer and avoid a big bill at your next service.

    If your rotor has been compromised you can use Muc-Off Disc Brake Cleaner which rapidly removes oil, grease, brake fluid and grime. We can help you with that in store, available for $25.99

    If your brakes were not burnt in properly then the process will need to be redone. It takes time and patience to burn in your brakes.

    Drop in and ask for help and advice from Damian, our qualified bike mechanic.




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