25k's in 25 days! - Part 2

25k's in 25 days! - Part 2

The first full week of training went a little something like this.

After being challenged by a family member, Damian decided to sign up for the 25k run at the GC Run Festival. This left him with just 25 days to train for the event.

Once again we sat down and asked the hard questions to find out what is going on in his head and if he regretted signing up to run 25k in just 25 days.

Michelle: How did your first week of training go?

Damian: Shithouse. It was hard work. There is nothing easy about what I am doing. It was slow and I found that I had to keep pulling myself up a lot. In Ironman you push yourself hard, I need to keep reminding myself that this is a 25k run, not an Ironman. So it's important that I don't go over my required training just because I feel good.

Michelle: How is your nutrition going?

Damian: Currently I am eating too much food. I have tried to stick to natural foods and avoid processed foods. I am heavier than I have ever been and I am finding that this factor makes it hard for me to run efficiently.

I haven't been doing the distances to incorporate serious fueling during each run. I have been utilising recovery drinks from Tailwind though.

Michelle: How's your body holding up?

Damian: My achilles has a niggle in it which is an old injury. Rolling and stretching is very important. Running at my current weight is hard on my body. I can't get the right footfall or airtime.

Michelle: So what is on the to do list for this week?

Damian: Some consistent runs. Staying injury free and watching my calorie intake. Speed isn't important for this race so I will be sticking to long runs, stretching and rolling, swimming and an easy ride on the weekend. 

Damian has incorporated swimming into his training to increase his fitness. Because swimming is non weight bearing this has helped him train without the heavy toll that running can take on the body, especially when you are doing way too much.

I still think he is a dumbass.....but clearly he is very stubborn and capable.

*no recent photo's of Damian are available because he won't pose for them. Every time I try and take a photo he runs away, literally.

How will the second week of training pan out? 

I will let you know. I just hope I survive this latest adventure!


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Hi Damian/Michelle.

Great dialogue and choice of words…
You’ll mail this Damian with Michelle’s support in tow. One step at a time as they say.
See you on the other side dumb ass👍🏻


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