25k's in 25 days!

25k's in 25 days!

We often get customers in store asking Damian what race he is training for.

Over the last few years since breaking his leg and having surgery, Damian has done a couple of rides (he doesn't call them rides) and that's it.

So when a family member came in store for nutrition advice for the GC50 Run Festival she challenged him to join in and race.

And he couldn't help himself!  

So I asked him a couple of questions to try and figure out why he was going to do something so stupid.

Michelle: "So your plan is to do a 25k run on December the fourth after not exercising for two years? You know that isn't a recommended course of action for anyone. Why are you doing it?"

Damian: "To prove a point to myself." 

Michelle: "Is the point that you are a dumbass?"

Damian: "I just needed a goal to push myself back into training."

Michelle: "Do you think this is a stupid thing to do?"

Damian: "Absolutely."

Michelle: "So your plan is to run 1k extra a day. So yesterday was day four and you ran four k's. Is it wise to stack the k's up so closely together and not stick to the two short runs and one long run a week?" 

Damian: "No it's not wise at all. It's not the k's it's about how you do the k's. I will be splitting the long runs into two runs and of course, most importantly, I will be fueling and recovering right. I have done a couple of Ironman races so I know what my body can do."

Michelle: "What does fueling and recovery look like for you?"

Damian: Making sure my nutrition is working for me. I use (here comes the plug) Tailwind and Koda Nutrition for my sessions. After 15 years of racing I have my nutrition requirements sorted and can make adjustments when needed. I always carry extra gels just in case something happens on the course."

"Recovery always includes rolling and stretching and if it's a big session a cold bath with a Tailwind Recovery drink."

Michelle: "How are you keeping track of your runs?"

Damian: "Wahoo, Rival watch."

Michelle: "You are old and heavier than you have ever been and you are going to essentially run 50k's in two days over the weekend of the race?"

Damian: "I will be a lot fitter than I was at day one."

Michelle: "Do you have any advice for other runners."

Damian: "Do not try this at home. This is a stupid way to train and is not recommended by anyone. I know my body and will be smart about what I do. It will be fun to try. It's something to do. There will be no records broken, it will be my slowest race ever and there will be some walking for sure."




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Yay! I’m so excited that you’ll be out there with us! Next step, Mooloolaba Tri! 👏🏼

Stephanie Donnelly

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