25 k's in 25 Days -  Part 3

25 k's in 25 Days - Part 3

The final full week of training went a little something like this.

After being challenged by a family member, Damian decided to sign up for the 25k run at the GC Run Festival. This left him with just 25 days to train for the event.

Once again we sat down and I asked the hard questions to find out what is going on in his head and if he regretted signing up to run 25k in just 25 days.

Michelle: How was your final training week?

Damian: Terrible. What training?

Michelle: What training did you do?

Damian: Swimming and riding. The riding was good, it was only 60 k's but it was a good session.

Michelle: How's your nutrition going?

Damian: Lots of Tailwind hydration. I have been trying to burn more calories.

Michelle: How has your body been holding up, you know because you are old?

Damian: I realised this week that the operation on my leg may have adjusted my stance and corrected it so my pronation issue has been changed. My right knee has been the issue and that's why I have been swimming and riding. I know how to run so the race should be okay. Again, I won't be breaking any records.

I have replaced my shoes with two new pairs of Zoots (shameless plug) which was more comfortable on my run yesterday afternoon. So hopefully this will help over the coming week.

Michelle: Do you acknowledge that this was a dumb idea?

Damian: No, never!

Michelle: What's the training plan this week?

Damian: Same as always. I can't get any fitter so I will just keep the body moving. It's always about giving that extra 5% each day.

I (Michelle) still think he is a dumbass.....but clearly he is very stubborn and capable.

*no recent photo's of Damian are available because he won't pose for them. Every time I try and take a photo he runs away, literally.

How did the race go in early December?

I will attempt to sit him down over the Xmas holidays and do a round up of the race.


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